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22 June

2015:  The weather was really quite nice and it would have been good to visit the allotment.  The day didn’t work out that way though.  I’m in the care of the ‘Crisis Team’ just now (this sounds a lot more dramatic than it is) and they came out to see me in the morning.  The CPN (Community Psychiatric Nurse) brought me some sunflower seedlings from her own garden which was really kind of her.  It was nearly lunchtime when they left so I had a bite to eat (pasta with Leek and Potato Soup used as sauce and made with my own leeks).  I loaded the car (borrowed from my mother) with books for the charity shop and a collection of stuff which belongs at the allotment but had been cluttering up the hall of months.

I visited my parents’ house to collect a claw hammer (mine was stolen when the allotment shed was broken into last week) and drove to a shopping centre.  Made four trips to Oxfam with a shopping trolley loaded with books and then visited the supermarket to pick up some bits and bobs.  Got the shopping put away at home and then popped back to my parents’ house to transfer three boxes of meals made from last year’s produce to my own freezer.

Home again and realised I wasn’t going to make it to the allotment.  The poor sunflowers had been sitting in the hot car going back and forward so I brought them back into the house, potted them on and gave them a good drink of water.  They’re needing staked too but I don’t have any canes here.

I made Bannocks and then had dinner which was another pasta and sauce, this time using Carrot and Chickpea Soup made with carrots I was given by Allotment Dave last year.

A good day.


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