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23 June

IMG_01252015:  Had a great day on the plot yesterday.  I woke way too early and was in the garden by 7:30am.  I had a coffee looking out on the view and chilled for a bit, just soaking up the atmosphere and knowing that all is well.  One of the CPNs from the Crisis Team has dubbed the allotment ‘Nature’s Diazepam’ and I think she’s right.  There was no one else around and I was surrounded by birdsong.  It was lovely.

I’d brought the sunflowers the CPN gave me so they’re now in the greenhouse starting to harden off (the greenhouse doesn’t have a door at the moment so it’s chilly at night and only a bit warmer than outside during the day).  One didn’t survive the journey but the others are all sitting pretty with new, longer stakes.

I planted out some strawberries, leaving them in their pots as they’re going to be moved when the season’s over.  Then it was time for some heavier work – grass cutting using a pair of hand shears as the site doesn’t have electricity.  It wasn’t as hard as I was expecting.  I got my bit of the path outside the plot done, cleared what’s growing round my cherry tree and made a bit of a difference to the very overgrown area behind the apple tree.  I’m pleased with what I got done and found a nice working rhythm – bend, hold, cut, bucket, repeat.

Somewhere on FaceBook, I read that you’re supposed to plant garlic on Halloween and harvest it at the Summer Solstice.  Last year I just left it till the leaves were brown but this year I’m trying an experiment.  I had two rows of garlic so I lifted one and have left the other for the leaves to turn.  I’ll see which gives the better yield.  The bulbs I took were good but I think they could be bigger …

My autumn-planted shallots bolted while I was ill so I lifted them too.  A disappointing harvest as they did so well last year but one of the other plot holders visited me at lunchtime with a gift of some shallot sets.  He’s not been keeping too well either and didn’t have the will to plant them this late in the season so he thought I’d like to give them a whirl.  You never know, they might give a harvest and they don’t take up much space.

That was the end of my scheduled work but I had some more time and a bit of energy so I also removed the old, broken locks from my shed using my father’s claw hammer.  I’m not a DIY girl so I’m feeling chuffed that I got the job done without help.  I sowed some seeds:  Carrot Royal Chantey 3, Leaf Salad and Lettuce Green Leaves.  These are from my May sowing list so they’re a bit late but should do OK.

I got home a very tired, fulfilled and happy Laura.



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