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25 June

2015 No actual gardening today but I did get the garlic I lifted the other day into the freezer.  You can freeze cloves of garlic whole, just break up the bulb and strip off the papery skin.  Freeze the cloves sitting on a flat surface (I used a dinner plate) and arranged so they’re not touching each other so they don’t stick together.  Once they’re frozen, pick them off the plate and pop them in a freezer bag for future use.

Remember I said I was having a wee experiment to see if they should be lifted at the Solstice or left until the leaves turn (23 June)?  Well, preparing the garlic I’d lifted for freezing I discovered that although the cloves had formed (so I know they got enough frost) they hadn’t separated so I’m thinking the do need longer in the soil.  Unfortunately I’m not sure when I planted them so it may just be that they went in after Halloween so haven’t had enough time because of that.  Here’s hoping the next row are a bit better.  With these ones, I just cut the bulbs into clove-sized pieces and these will work fine for cooking.


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