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30 June

2015:  I felt so awful yesterday morning I wanted to slink back to bed and cry.  I’m still on extra meds and they’re making me so tired!  But I’d not been to the allotment for a few days and had promised Allotment Dave I’d water for him so I had to go.  And I’m so glad I did.  I went in intending just to water and then go home (and to bed) but before I knew it the watering was done, I was planting brassicas and it was nearly eleven o’clock.  Mother Nature had worked her magic – I was feeling better.

I stayed in the garden most of the day and got a lot done.  I’d planned to start the June outdoor sowing (late in the day, I know, but I’m still catching up from being unwell).  But to make room for that I had to repot the seedlings and to make room for the new pots I had to plant out …  I like that about gardening – one job tends to lead to another.

So I planted a bed of (mostly) brassicas.  I’ve netted this time and hate it.  The plastic is ugly and it’ll add work to caring for the plants underneath.  I’m also rather concerned I haven’t ‘done it right’ but I have done my best and that will have to do.  But my previous brassica bed fell victim to bunnies so netted it’ll have to be.  Personally, I’d rather have a nice big pot of rabbit stew bubbling in the slow cooker but although there are mutterings on the allotment I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon.

Once the plants were in I was tired and glad to switch to the lighter job of potting on.  I got nearly all my seedlings done before it was time to go home and plan to finish off today (1st July).


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