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1 July

2015:  (Written 2nd July 2015)

Looking back on yesterday I feel really satisfied with what I got done.  All the long grass has been cleared from my half plot (Lottie) which means I can now start dealing with the mare’s tails on the full plot (Ailsa).  I’d been putting off the work on Lottie since last summer and have been putting off the mare’s tails too.  But if I can get the grass dealt with then I can deal with the mare’s tails.  Gardening has given me a little angel on my shoulder.  When I’m faced with a difficult or unpleasant task I can hear her whisper:  You can do it – you’ve got an allotment!  I still procrastinate but I’m a lot more productive than I used to be.

I also did a bit of repotting and seed sowing in the afternoon and took the side shoots off the greenhouse tomatoes.


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