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6 July

2015 (written 6 July 2015):
6jul15 - 1


So happy to be back on the plot today.  I’m not particularly well just now and slept for most of the weekend so it was lovely to see what my plants had been up to while I was away.  My early potatoes have started to flower.  I don’t think the flowers have much to do with what’s going on under the ground but I’m taking as a sign that they’re healthy and happy.

I got the last of my June sowings done – see, I’m getting caught up!  Sowing seed is such a hopeful thing to do.  Because I’m doing successional sowing I could look at the seedlings from previous batches and think, ‘Yes, this really is working.’  The netting I put up over the brassicas seems to be keeping the bunnies at bay so I sowed my little pots quite happily knowing that there’s a good chance I’ll get to eat the fruits of my labours.  I still think rabbit stew’s a good idea though!

Now that Lottie’s grass is under control, my big job is clearing the mare’s tails from Ailsa.  The onion, potato and first brassica beds are full of it.

6jul15 - 2

I got about half the onion bed cleared before lunch and would have finished it off if the rain hadn’t started.  I took this as a sign to call it a day but not before I’d investigated the raspberries …

6jul15 - 4

They’re growing wild on a bit of the plot still full of junk but I did find three ripe ones which were very nice indeed!




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