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7 July

2015 (written 7 July 2015):

I’m really pleased with what I achieved today.  I’m feeling tired and satisfied and that’s a good feeling.  I’m about to make dinner and I know I’ve earned it.  Tomorrow is planned and once I’ve eaten and cleaned my boots I can chill out with William-cat and a book until bedtime.

The sun has been out today although we’ve also had some heavy showers.  The soil was really too wet to work but I decided to continue my work in the onion patch anyway.  At the moment, clearing the weeds and saving the crops is taking priority over soil structure.  It’s not ideal but needs must.





I  was well into my stride so I decided to tackle the little onion bed too so that I could tick ‘weed onions’ off my list.  I also gave both beds a scattering of slug pellets (the organic kind which promise not to harm wildlife).  I’ve never had to treat onions for slugs before but there were a lot sliming around in the undergrowth as I was clearing it and I was very glad to be wearing gloves!





I finished off the morning by planting the sunflowers CPN H from the Crisis Team gave me the other week.  They’re a nice addition to the main onion bed, don’t you think?  I do hope they survive as she’s looking after me again just now and it’ll be nice to give her good news of sunny flowers nodding over the patch.

7jul15 - 4


The day has finished well for me too.  Plot inspections were carried out at the weekend and obviously I’ve had to let the committee know why mine are in such a sad state.  I’ve just had a really nice email from the Chairman wishing me well and saying that the situation is ‘not too bad.’  As I’ve been really worried this is a great relief.



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