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9 July

2015 (written 9 July 2015):

I do like digging.  And today I got to dig so I’m tired, sore and feeling very strong and satisfied.  I probably did a bit too much as I was very tired by the end but I’m also stubborn and really wanted to get the last few feet done so I could tick the job off in my planner.

This was the onion, shallot and salad area when I started:



While I’ve been ill the shallots and onions bolted as did some of the salads.  The rabbits ate the rest and, as you can see, there wasn’t much left in there but weeds.  After lifting the onions (a disappointing harvest as my onions were really good last year) I had intended to weed round the fruit bushes but, as I’ve got young brassicas coming along nicely, I decided to focus on this area so it’ll be ready for them in a few weeks’ time.

After about four hours’ effort the area was looking a lot better:



It’s not perfect but you can see that I’ve got lovely, loamy soil to work with.  The next step will be to rake in some of my own compost.  I’ve got loads of compost bins at various stages of decomposition.  I do wish I’d known to spread it on the garden over the winter but you live and learn.

My other wee achievement today is that I didn’t retreat to other work (or, worse still, go home!) when both my neighbours on this plot came in.  Lottie is a half plot so there’s no boundary between her and the ‘A’ side and the fence between her and and the full plot on the other side fell over the second day I was there so she’s totally open.  When the neighbours (who are both lovely old men who’ve been really kind to me) come in I tend to retreat back to Ailsa which is fenced so I feel more secure.  I’ve really been struggling with being around other people during this episode but my desire to get the full bed dug was stronger than my fears and I kept working.

I get a reward for my hard work – I found a stray potato plant in amongst the weeds so there are baby new potatoes for dinner.


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