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Soak it up, Buttercup!


It can be hard to describe what happens when I’m mentally unwell and the effect of medication.  One of the Crisis Team has given me a very useful analogy which I’d like to share with you.

My mind is like a bowl.  When I become unwell, it starts to fill with water and could overflow if nothing is done about it.  When it overflows my life becomes unmanageable so it’s important to act when I notice the water.  Medication is a sponge which mops up the water.  When I have the right size of sponge (i.e. the right dosage of medication) all the water is mopped up and I can live normally.  Too small a sponge and there’s still water in the bowl so life isn’t normal.  Too big a sponge and it won’t fit in the bowl – I’m sedated and unhappy.

At the moment, the sponge is working fairly well.


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