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12 July

2015 (written 12 July 2015):

Back in the garden this morning although I didn’t manage a full day and left not long after lunch – just as the sun was coming out …

I’ve accumulated several plastic composers over the past 18 months and have been merrily filling them up but not taking anything from them.  As I’ve said before, I wish I’d known that this is what you’re meant to do over the winter so that your soil is nourished ready for another year of growing.  However, we live and learn and I decided to add compost to Lottie’s big bed which I dug during the week so my first job was to dig out some compost:



This was harder work than I had anticipated but once it had been through the riddle I ended up with, well, earth.  I assume that’s what’s supposed to be produced.  Anyway, I got a big bucketful and scattered it over the bed.  I’ve been told to add ‘a thin layer’ and then either rake it through or leave the weather to do the job for me.  As I am a lazy gardener I’m happy for the weather and the mini-beasts to do the work for me.  The plants are still in the nursery area and it’ll be a few weeks before they’re ready to go out so hopefully Mother Nature will make all right.

My other job today was to weed Lottie’ potatoes.  Which I did.  But I forgot to take photos so you’ll just have to imagine rows of early potato plants, some with flowers, sitting in earthed-up rows without weeds stealing the nutrients they need.  I did make start on the mare’s tails in Ailsa’s potato bed but ran out of steam quickly after lunch so it’s a job for another day.


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