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14 July

2015 (written 15 July 2015):

It’s incredibly rare for me to do everything on my list.  But yesterday I did!


The day started well when I spotted an organic gardening book in Cancer Research’s window on my way to the allotment.  I’m going back to get it today, crossing my fingers that it’ll still be there.

When I got to the garden the weather was perfect for working (not too hot, getting sunnier all the time) so I did the watering and then got to work.  First off, I spread more compost into Lottie’s cleared bed.  I’ve found this is less hard work if one uses a shovel instead of a spade.

My big job just now is clearing the mares’ tails from Ailsa.  I’m not doing it all in one go – that’s far too overwhelming – but just a bed at a time.  Yesterday was the first potato bed:

14jul15 - 3

The slugs have been feasting on my main crop but, oddly, haven’t touched the earlies.  I’ve left the skeletons of the main crop in the ground to see if they recover.  There may still be a harvest under ground and the bed’s now been treated with slug bait.

I have a container area on Lottie and it’s been sadly neglected:

14jul15 - b

But after a bit of work it’s looking much more businesslike:

14jul15 - 5

I was a bit disappointed to see that seeds sown in containers back in May hadn’t germinated but it’s probably been lack of watering while I’ve been ill and can’t be helped.  And it did mean there was more compost to throw on the empty bed.

When I took on Ailsa there were four sheds, all full of stuff.  Two of the sheds have come down and the stuff has all been sifted and sorted over the months.  Yesterday I got the last of the throw-away pile off the plot.  There’s still a lot of work to do – a lot of it is waiting for a skip – but I’ve done all I can so can take ‘dejunk Ailsa’ off my master list of things I need to do.

Bunnies are a problem on the site this year and I’ve lost a lot of plants already so have had to net Ailsa’s second brassica bed.  (The first brassica bed is overcome with mares’ tails and the bunnies are steering clear.)  This is the first time I’ve had to use nets and I’m on a learning curve.  The first set-up wasn’t tall enough so I spent a lot of time and energy yesterday building something bigger with canes and juice bottles, weeding the area (not very thoroughly – I was getting tired) and putting down slug bait.  The new arrangement isn’t perfect but should do at least for a while.

Last on the list was tidying Lottie’s shed.  This is a bit of a disaster zone at the moment.  When I was clearing the stuff from Ailsa, everything I was keeping was (literally) thrown in there.  I didn’t do much tidying but I did get one corner organised and I’m happy with that.

I think it was a good day.



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