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22 July

2015 (written 23 July 2015):

Yesterday was a busy day and full of mixed moods.  I’d only had a few hours’ sleep and was up and doing by 3am.  This is not good 😦  I keep telling myself, ‘This won’t last forever,’ but am starting to whine, ‘But how much longer?’

My mother and I tackled the compost at the allotment and took five builders’ buckets to the dump.  I just don’t have the space to keep it.  It won’t go to landfill – the council will rot it and treat it and then sell it.  Well, their contractor will …

While we were in the garden I noticed that I have baby tomatoes!  This isn’t the greatest photo in the world but if you look closely you may see them:

22jul15 - 1

I’m really surprised that the outdoor tomatoes have fruited before what’s in the greenhouse (which has no door but does have a selection of indoor and outdoor plants).  Mother Nature is full of mystery 🙂

The Crisis Team came out to see me in the afternoon and I’m very grateful for their input as I was really struggling to focus.  I now have some simple instructions to follow ’till my sleep gets back to normal.  I’ve to keep a sleep diary to show the Dr H (the Psychiatrist) next week, read if I wake up too early and use the slack bits of the day for knitting.  I’m feeling more in control now there are fewer decisions to be made as I go through the day.

My next knitting project has grown from:

22ul15 - 2


23jul15 - 1

I’m enjoying working on it.  There’s something so comforting about the repetitive movements and having yarn running through my hands.  It’s nearly as good as gardening!


2 thoughts on “22 July

  1. It won’t be long now before you are enjoying those tomatoes! I envy your knitting skills. I never managed to learn anything more than a plain knit/pearl and still manged to mess up what was supposed to be a square. Years ago, as a joke my husband bought me a small manual knitting machine at a yard sale for a few dollars. Take care.

  2. The easiest way to knit a square is to knit a diamond. Start with one stick and increase once in each row until the edge is the length you want. Knit one row straight across without increasing/decreasing then decrease once in each row till you’re back to having one stitch.

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