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27 July

2015 (written 28 July 2015):

Yesterday was pretty miserable both in terms of the weather and my mental health.  I went through the motions and did all the right things but without much enthusiasm.  The good news is that I did make it to the allotment and I may be able to reduce one of my medications this week (the CPN visited yesterday and thinks the high dose may be what’s robbing me of sparkle).

When my mother and I visited the allotment to do things with compost last week, I put up a bug hotel but forgot to take a photo.  So here it is:

27jul15 - 1

I remember feeling rather proud that I’d put it up myself.  I know banging a nail into a wall isn’t really that hard but DIY and I do not get along and there was always the chance I’d miss the nail and smash the hotel instead!

Yesterday was another compost day:

27jul15 - 2

I put all of this through the riddel and spread the compost between rows of potatoes.  Then I filled the composter back up again.  It was hard work and I didn’t have the energy to do anything more (in the rain which was getting worse).  I had company while I was working:

27jul15 - 3

This little guy was most interested in what I was doing and defended his right to the mini beasts I uncovered most tenaciously.


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