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31 July

2015 (written 4 August 2015):

03aug15 - 1

I found a splash of colour in the garden – the sunflowers CPN H gave me a few weeks ago are in bloom.  I’ve never really seen the point of growing flowers (though they are good for the bees, of course) but they really made me smile.

The main work of the day was to deal with another composter and to finish weeding Ailsa’s second potato bed.  It went from this:


to this:

03aug15 - 2

The plants have fallen prey to slugs so I put down organic bait and am hoping I still get a crop.  These have only been earthed up once though so they’re never going to be as productive as they should be.


5 thoughts on “31 July

  1. I lay a open jar on its side with some beer at the bottom to catch my slugs and snails. Wish I could grow a garden again, the extreme heat kills the leaves even shaded here

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