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3 August

2015 (written 6 August 2015):

It took a real effort of will to go to the garden on Monday but I’m really glad I did.  I spent some time sitting under my tree and listening to the birds and then got to work …

03aug15 - 3

You’d never believe that this is a bed of brassicas, would you?  But if you look closely they’re still hanging in there.  I started clearing the mare’s tails on Monday.  I didn’t get much done but have liberated a few cabbages:

03aug15 - 5

It’s just possible that I might get a crop from them but I don’t hold out much hope especially as these are spring cabbages which were attacked by the bunnies earlier in the year.

I was very excited about my harvested fruit and veg:

03aug15 - 4

I have some excellent garlic and have learned that it’s best to harvest them when the leaves are golden rather than working to the calendar.  These are much better than those I harvested around midsummer with big, fat, properly-formed cloves.  They’re making their way into the freezer now.

The raspberries were delicious and well worth the nettle stings I gathered with them!


5 thoughts on “3 August

  1. I love this time of year! Little baby cucumbers appear overnight and I swear I can hear then growing while I’m stood in the greenhouse, little green tomatoes everywhere that I can’t wait for. I sooo need to make tomato and basil ketchup. There’s so much sprouting up and it’s so exciting. Yeah it’s hard work keeping up with everything when you don’t feel like gardening everyday but when you do get yer hands dirty it’s great to see how much things have changed.
    Well done for clearing the mares tail, I hate that stuff!

    • I know what you mean, cyclone pixie. I’ve not been to the garden for a few days but am definitely going today and I’m looking forward to looking round and seeing what my plants are doing … (hopefully the bunnies haven’t been equally busy!)

      • Fingers crossed the bunnies haven’t visited 😉 I don’t have that problem but I do have a jack russell who likes to roll in chicken poop pellets :/

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