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7 August

2015 (written 7 August 2015):

It was really good to spend time in the garden today.  It took much less effort to get there (partly because I had the car) and I wasn’t preoccupied with worries over who might be there and what they might think.  I continued pulling mare’s tails from the brassica bed and it has gone from here:

03aug15 - 5

with one row of (supposedly) spring cabbages to here:

07aug15 - 3

with two rows of plants surviving.  Unfortunately all the cauliflowers have gone.

I’m also disappointed with the red onions which had bolted so I lifted them:

07aug15 - 1

although there are still enough for my mother and two of her neighbours to each get a bag.

The raspberries are not at all disappointing – especially since they’re growing wild with no intervention from me!

07aug15 - 2

The moral of the story is clearly that if I’m going to be ill I need to do it in the winter!  I’m glad to report that I’m well again though.  I’ve been stable on my normal meds for over 7 days and was discharged from Crisis on Tuesday.  I saw my own CPN (who is great) today and will be writing my complaint to the NHS over the weekend.  It shouldn’t take five phone calls, a trip to A&E and a visit to the GP for someone to get help and I am convinced that if I’d received treatment when I first became ill it wouldn’t have been nearly as serious or long lived.


2 thoughts on “7 August

  1. Sorry for all you’ve been through. Our healthcare system can be very challenging. Looks like you’ve done a great job with those vegetables. Enjoy every mouthful!!

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