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22 August

2015 (written 23 August 2015):

23aug15 - 1

Things are winding down in the garden and I’ve spent rather too much time wondering what to do with my spare time.  I’ve had it in mind for a while that I’d like to start quilting so, yesterday, my mother (who can sew) and I (who can’t) took a trip into the fabric shop.  Aren’t these pretty?  I’m going to make a Log Cabin quilt.

23aug15 - 2

We had coffee before going home to show my father (who can sew) what we’d bought.  I was amazed to discover that he’s also been thinking about quilting so it looks like this will be a team effort 🙂

23aug15 - 3

My first task was to iron the fabric.  It was so prettily made up for display in the shop that I felt rather sad to be taking the package to bits but you have to break a few eggs … Today I’m going to practice cutting and sewing with some scrap fabric while I wait for a ruler and cutting board to be delivered.


2 thoughts on “22 August

  1. It’s going to be a runner for my bed rather than a little quilt – I don’t have need of a cot quilt which is the size it would have turned out and won’t want to give my first quilt away 🙂

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