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Blight: Goodbye Lottie

There is good news and there is bad news.

I learned in the middle of August that I’m going to be offered a new plot at a site just ten minutes from my home.  Don’t know when this will happen but I’m hoping to have it for next season.  This knowledge left me in a bit of a quandary – a bird in the hand would mean continuing to work Lottie and Ailsa (with a one hour travelling time) and then walking away.  But I prefer to make a clean break and sometimes you have to let something good go in order to make room for something better.  So I decided to give up my plots at the end of this season (the first Sunday in October).

Then the bad news swept in.  I’d started clearing my belongings and notified the Committee that I’d be leaving.  When I went up a couple of weeks ago for another load of stuff I found Ailsa was not as I’d left her.  I don’t know who or why and they don’t really matter.  I decided to leave immediately.

My parents were great.  We took two cars over and filled them both and M&D are storing my things at their house (they have a garden and a garage and I don’t).  But it was heartbreaking.

I’ve spent some time back with the Crisis Team while I went through the stages of bereavement and grieving.  Now I’m ready start rebuilding.  And life is good again.


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