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Nancy Sleeth – Almost Amish


Have you ever read a book and thought ‘Wow!  This could really be life-changing!’?  It’s a long time since that’s happened to me but Nancy Sleeth’s book did.  In fact, it made such an impression when I read it on my Kindle that I’ve ordered a paper copy for further study.

Nancy and her husband started simplifying their lives after a few life events made them re-evaluate their American dream lifestyle.  They reduced their carbon footprint, drew closer to God and offered hospitality to their neighbours.  Today they have a rich and fulfilling life.

Since I gave up Lottie and Ailsa I’ve been feeling lost.  I need to rebuild my life but don’t have a pattern to follow.  I know that I tend to latch onto an idea and follow it obsessively until I crash and burn and that these ideas often come from books like Nancy’s which present a life where the grass is greener than in mine.  But Almost Amish fits really well with what I genuinely believe.  I have no sense of being a square peg or that I’m in danger of forcing myself into someone else’s round hole.  And it leaves room for another Lottie when the time comes 🙂



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