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Welcome to Never Not Laura.  I’m really pleased to see you.  You can see me over on the right.  The broccoli and kale I’m holding were the first I’d grown myself.  I was amazed that I’d done it and feeling more than a little proud.  The broccoli went into a mixed vegetable mornay and then into the freezer (I ate some for dinner a couple of days ago and it was delicious) and I think my father had the kale – he still talks about it.

This year, the rabbits have eaten most of my brassicas (rabbit stew sounds really good …) but I’m still gardening because it’s come to mean much more than food.  It’s exercise.  It’s being a little more in tune with nature.  It’s health and well-being.  When other bits of my life are in tatters I can still spend an hour in the garden and find peace.  In fact, with Bipolar Disorder, it’s sometimes the only place I can find peace.

A few weeks ago I attended a lecture on ‘The Health Benefits of Gardening.’  I was feeling very out of place (most of the other people there seemed to be medical professionals) but a very dignified gentleman came over for a chat and put me at ease.  We had a good conversation about growing vegetables and I found myself telling him about my illness and the benefits I find in gardening.  He suggested I find a way to share my experience and ‘passion’ (his word) with others.  It turned out that he was the speaker – Sir Hospital Consultant no less – and you can’t really argue with someone like that.  So this blog is my attempt to share what my own experience has taught me about ‘The Health Benefits of Gardening.’


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  1. I love gardening too. It’s relaxing, gives me peace. I love planting, cutting, watering, and even weeding. My mind can just wander and I enjoy being close to nature.

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